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About us

Punch Satellite

Since its foundation, Punch UK's satellite and electronics business provides a complete airtime, administration, accounting and consultancy services for marine, land based and offshore communications of satellite and terrestrial users.

With a unique understanding and experience of the changes that have revolutionized both marine and terrestrial sectors and the need to use these services in the most efficient and cost effective manner to gain maximum benefit for customers and users. This experience is gained as both provider and user, our highly skilled staff have a long history of involvement in the maritime industry ashore and afloat.

Punch UK, since its authorization by The Independent Regulator and Competition Authority for the UK Communications Industries (UK OFCOM) as a Maritime Accounting Authority (MAA) has been responsible for the communication expenses for any vessels at sea carrying any flags under Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC) of GB40 in accordance with the ITU(International Telecommunication Union) Regulations and Recommendations.

Punch UK is an authorized Radio Accounting Authority for the Sierra Leone and Georgia flags vessels providing the Sierra Leone and Georgia Registered vessels with its usual efficient and quality services to keep all vessels flying these flags satisfied, provides air time services for more than 2.000 vessels acting as an Accounting Authority on behalf of some other AA entities .

Punch UK have always intended to maintain higher standards of business conducts set out in ITU Regulations and Recommendations, The CIRM Code of Business Practice for Maritime Accounting Authorities and The Inmarsat Code of Business Practises.

After gaining remarkable experience in the telecommunications sector, Punch Engineering branched into broadband internet solutions and security systems in order to provide its excellent services to the customers in other sectors. In the light of this mission, Punc Engineering developed the CrystalSat Internet broadband services which provides fast, reliable and affordable satellite broadband service for homes and businesses and started providing security systems such as HD CCTV's, Access Control, fire alarms and Intruder Detection Systems etc.

Our missions:

  • Building sustainable and flexible working relationships
  • Listening to our customers
  • Exceeding our customers' needs and expectations
  • Delivering projects on time and on budget
  • Providing flexible procurement and risk minimization
  • Being responsible

Our vision:

We have set out a long- term vision for our company: To become a distinctive organization being customer-centric, creative and sustainable.

Embracing the changes within the industry and thrived on innovation, continuing improvement and best practice and we will turn Punch UK into a dynamic and forward thinking company.
Punch Electronics